Dabbing Diamonds Hemp Bubble Hash


Solventless Bubble Hash – Hash has been made many ways throughout history. Ice water extraction elevates it to a new level with. The best Hash starts with the best cannabis. That is why only the best cannabis is used after it has been grown, harvested, dried, and stored properly. We then take the material and wash it in a mixture of pure Vermont mountain spring water and ice. The CBD and other oils fall off the plant and are then suspended in the water. The extract is then filtered from the water. The wet extract is then put through a period of drying and a mild grading process. The result is a full spectrum extract that is completely free of plant material and contains all the cannabinoids you’d expect. For those that are fans of Rosin Pressing, this hash is perfect to press. The Hash can also be consumed by smoking or infusions. It is great by itself and even better when combined with other strains of cannabis and concentrates.

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