The Importance of CBD Content

CBD is an investment in your health and wellness, and like any other investment, it is important to get the most out of it. When it comes to CBD, many factors are at play in determining how well your CBD product will work (i.e., consistency, route of administration) and the type of investment you want to make (i.e., product content). Not all CBD products are created equal, so knowing CBD content in the dose you are taking will determine how much you need to take per day to reach your desired effect. Today’s blog will help you better understand the overall importance of CBD content and tips on how to calculate CBD content per product. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading!

The amount of CBD should be clearly stated (milligrams per bottle and dose)
When purchasing a CBD product, it is important that companies clearly state the amount of CBD in the product both per bottle and milligrams per dose. It is easy for companies to forego this with the hopes of profiting off of new consumers who don’t know about product potency and quality. An article published by Terra Vita states, “any product that does not show CBD content in milligrams either contains very little CBD or it may be made from hemp seed oil which does not contain CBD.” And, unfortunately, sometimes labeling isn’t enough. Non-reputable companies will often infuse their products with less CBD than stated. In order to avoid buying such a product it is important that the company you are purchasing your CBD product from labels their bottles and also sends their products to third party labs for testing.  

Determining the amount of CBD in your bottle
The number on the front of the bottle 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg or whatever you’re seeing is the total amount of CBD in the bottle, not the total amount of CBD per dose. The total amount of CBD per dose will be listed in the supplement facts as a serving size on the label of the bottle. This is a common misunderstanding where people mistakenly believe this number on the front is the milligram CBD per dose when in fact it’s the full, total amount of CBD in the whole bottle.

CBD content per dropper
A Green Therapy, our CBD oil tinctures can come in 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml or 60 ml bottles, with a full dropper designed to pull 1 ml of CBD when you squeeze the rubber bulb. And although we list both the CBD content per bottle and CBD content per dropper on our products, you can easily calculate content per dropper by dividing the amount of CBD per bottle by milliliters per bottle. For the sake of the five products in this example, we will utilize our 30 ml bottle.

  • Product A: 250mg/30ml= 8.3mg CBD per dropper
  • Product B: 500mg/30ml= 16.7mg CBD per dropper
  • Product C: 1000mg/30ml= 33.3mg CBD per dropper
  • Product D: 1500mg/30ml= 50mg CBD per dropper
  • Product E: 3000mg/30ml= 100mg CBD per dropper

CBD content per drop
Because it is often advised to start low and increase as needed, individuals may look to start at doses as low as 5-10mg. If this sounds like you, you may be wondering how to accurately measure that low of a dose. “If you were trying to measure a dosage of 10mg, you could take a full dropper of 250-milligram tincture and still be a bit low on the mark, or you could try estimating just over a third of a dropper of a 500mg product. You have that option, but many people prefer a more precise dosing method,” states CBD Distillery. So, assuming a 1ml dropper contains 20 drops, you can easily determine the around of CBD per drop. Here’s how:

  • Product A: 8.3mg CBD per dropper/20 drops = 0.42mg per drop
  • Product B: 16.7mg CBD per dropper/20 drops = 0.83mg per drop
  • Product C: 33.3mg CBD per dropper/20 drops = 1.67mg per drop
  • Product D: 83.3mg CBD per dropper/20 drops = 3.8mg per drop
  • Product E: 166.7mg CBD per dropper/20 drops = 7.6mg per drop

Example: Let’s assume you have a 250mg per 30ml bottle of CBD and your daily dose of CBD is 10mg, you would need approximately 24 drops (0.42 x 24 = 10.08mg CBD).

CBD content per soft gel
Most companies clearly indicate the amount of CBD per soft gel or edible on the label. These are often pre-measured, so you can easily determine how many you need to take to reach your desired effect. At Green Therapy, we offer 30 and 60 count soft gels, so based on recommended serving size, the bottle should last one or two months.

  • Product A: 30mg x 30 (count)= 900mg per bottle (30-day supply)
  • Product B: 30mg x 60 (count)= 1800mg per bottle (60-day supply)

CBD content per topical
CBD topicals or skin care items typically state the CBD content per bottle or container since application amount will vary from person to person. Keep in mind, with any product, it is best to avoid any products that do not state the amount of CBD, as they likely contain little to none. 

CBD content per vape
A 250mg vape will have a CBD content of approximately 2.5mg per puff.


Final Thoughts

CBD can be an excellent supplement for overall wellness but, taking other precautions, like those listed above, in addition to exercising, getting vitamin D, avoiding alcohol and unhealthy foods will improve your chances of staying healthy.